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Was 2019 a record year for you? Either way – we can make sure that 2020 will be.

Friday at home this week – a bonus Bunker Day (although I will be popping out later this morning for “elevenses” with a new 2020 client whose practice is just down the road).

I’ve noticed this week that there is an “end of term” feeling around the clients I have visited.

The Christmas trees and decorations are out, Secret Santa lists are circulating and mince pies are appearing in patient lounges.

There’s some evidence that my constant juggling between emails, the task list, meeting follow up and projects may just be slowing down a little.

Only a little though….

A three-hour train ride from Kings Cross to Darlington at 06:15 yesterday was two hours of work and an hour watching an episode of my current Netflix box set – that’s almost unheard of.

Two hours last night from Darlington to Manchester was split equally between meeting follow up and reading my latest 1000-page Neal Stephenson novel.

Apart from the Christmas cheer, the other thing that’s warming my sleigh bells is the news from most of the existing clients I’m visiting that 2019 has been a success story.

That in spite of the inevitable and unavoidable sh*t lists, the hit lists have been significant.

  1. Sales are up;

  2. Profits are up;

  3. Confidence is high;

  4. Future potential is exciting.

I was asked at a team meeting yesterday to comment on “what’s hot to trot” out there – what are the winners doing?

Here’s my top 10 list:

  1. They are offering implant-based solutions – there’s no doubt that identifies the Champions League results;

  2. They are embracing digital workflow;

  3. They are integrating TCOs into their patient experience;

  4. They have a robust Daily Huddle;

  5. They have an equally robust End of Treatment Review protocol;

  6. They know their numbers;

  7. They understand the importance of word of mouth and digital recommendations;

  8. They do not discount;

  9. They stop to talk to each other regularly;

  10. They believe in themselves.

There are two more weeks before the Christmas spirit overwhelms us.

Two weeks in which you can decide to join my 2020 tribe of clients.

Our Extreme Coaching service (face to face with CB and our highest level of financial investment) is sold out – this week I had to say “no” to a potential client and redirect them to 2021.

Have you any idea how painful that is – for anyone who runs their own business?

Our workshop programme still has some vacancies.

Our first workshop of the year – The Marketing Day – will take place in London on Tuesday 14th January 2020 and Manchester on Wednesday 15th January 2020.

I’ll be