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The Academy back catalogue – at £260, probably the best value training in dentistry today

The Extreme Business Academy is now 6 months old and we have a membership approaching 200 people (some from overseas) who are enjoying the monthly content and extended courses.

The Academy is being used by owners and managers to improve their skills and as a team training resource, with the video tutorials and interviews played as “lunch and learn” exercises.

One of the benefits of membership is complete access from day one to the complete back catalogue of content.

At the end of this post is free download to display the content and interviews that we have already created.

With an annual membership of just £260, this has got to be the best value owner/manager and team training resource in dentistry.

If you sign up as an annual member, you will also receive The Complete Marketing Course as a free bonus – 3hrs 21m of video instruction in 18 separate modules and 53 downloadable learning resources.

To discover more click THE EXTREME BUSINESS ACADEMY.

Here’s the back catalogue download – just take a moment to take a look at what we have created so far – and we’ve only just started.

p.s. Mobile version coming soon.

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