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South Africa #2 – talking to people about people

Off to South Africa again today (this post written in Dubai, in transit to Durban).

Tomorrow (Friday) I’ll be speaking at a South African Dental Association (SADA) conference in Durban – a couple of hours on Moments of Truth in The Patient Experience – audience around 120.

From there, straight to Johannesburg for the Wright Millners Annual Congress – Saturday morning and I’m the first speaker on the main platform – a very punchy and brief session on Internal Marketing to an audience of around 400.

Sunday morning a more detailed 3 hours on People – how to get new patients in, how to keep your existing patients and how to build a Championship Support Team”.

I was delighted and somewhat taken aback when my hosts told me on Monday that over 120 people had signed up for the Sunday session – I was thinking maybe 20-30 would bother but there seems to be a hunger for information that I’ll be happy to satisfy.

Team CB have been busy behind the scenes on the logistics of having handouts and brochures printed locally – the biggest challenge has been to pay for the stuff we have ordered – you would have thought debit card, Paypal or Stripe but it wasn’t as easy as that.

Wright Millners have been hugely helpful again in organising AV and connections between venues.

Now all that remains is for me to perform and generate interest in The Extreme Business Academy and propose an Extreme Business workshop programme in Jo’burg for 2020.

If you are not attending either of the conferences and would like details of my 2020 plans for South Africa – just drop an email to

Fingers crossed that I make a difference.

It’s showtime.

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