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Understanding what makes people tick

This evening I'll be presenting the second webinar in our new Associate Development Programme (last week's audience was 168 for the live broadcast and we have over 430 in the group).

After week #1 many delegates emailed with with their own specific shopping lists for what they want to get out of the Programme. They have asked primarily to improve their communication skills.

Attendance is entirely voluntary and free of charge, as the practice owners are members of my Regeneration 2.1 coaching programme and this is a value-added benefit.

Tonight we talk about "what makes people tick" and I'll be sharing with my audience an hour's overview of some of the nuggets from the world of psychology and sales.

  • Maslow's Hierarchy of Needs (and what we learn from this about why patients arrive for treatment)

  • 5 ways to listen better (Julian Treasure's TED talk on this subject and his RASA formula for listening)

  • The Karpman Drama Triangle (and how this helps us to understand and defuse patients or team members who become emotionally charged)

  • Trust - how to develop trust quickly with patients you haven't met before

  • Triggers - how to get to the core of a patient's desired outcomes

As I mentioned in my "5 a day" video blog yesterday, in a world of increasing dental commoditisation (turning procedures into products), the challenge of positively differentiating yourself in the market is growing.

Some choose to differentiate on price - a dangerous strategy (Seth Godin: "the worst thing about a price war is to win it").

The correct way to differentiate is in the quality of the patient experience that you deliver. The extent to which you genuinely get to know the patient, then understand what makes them tick and acknowledge their desired outcomes.

Patient/Customers want the lowest price - they hit you and then walk away.

Patient/Clients want a relationship and they want to come back and see you again and again (and tell their friends).

This evening I'll be teaching my associate audience to become much better at developing Patient/Clients.

It's still not too late to join us - the onboarding process takes minutes - you can find out more here:

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