£300 per month inc. VAT per business.  Registration now open.

A coaching programme​ and buying group to take

you from lockdown to full-practice during the ongoing Covid-19 crisis.

What's included?

Generic patient newsletter copy once a month that will contain:

  • continued oral health education during lockdown and return to work

  • general physical well being advice

  • good mental health advice

  • regular posts on getting back to work (and dentistry) after the all-clear.

A weekly vCPD tutorial (from me and occasional guests) that will contain:

  • continued physical and mental health advice

  • updates on the overall dental landscape;

  • training on all aspects of good practice after the all-clear

  • telephony

  • patient journey

  • TCO

  • training on how to regenerate your marketing as we approach the all-clear

A direct help-line to me for advice, coaching and a listening ear on:


  • financial wellbeing during the lockdown

  • personal coaching

On-demand access to Chris Barrow as your personal and professional coach via email and video call whenever you need a listening ear, a second opinion or a sounding board.

The weekly tracker (if you choose to use it).

Early evening client-only group Zoom calls three times a week - Monday/Wednesday/Friday (with a occasional guest).

Access to the Extreme Buying Group - access to PPE supplies from trusted suppliers at special, buying group prices.

As above, monthly marketing content, weekly tutorials to take you from lock-down to full practice, training on how to regenerate your marketing as we approach the all-clear, and coaching on leadership, management and your practice finances.



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