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The Unique Ability Exercise – a free download

There’s a brand new free download in the Resources/Infographics section of my web site this morning – but I’m also including a further downloadable copy at the end of this post (take a look at the web page later though – there’s a bunch of free stuff there and no sign up).

The Unique Ability Exercise worksheet is a combination of skills I have learned from Strategic Coach and Michael Hyatt (of Full Focus Planner fame).

Take a few moments to think about your own unique abilities at work – the things you do (that you get paid for) that give you the most joy and require an effortless cadence.

I’ve tested this exercise with some clients and we have discovered that those unique abilities can be sub-divided:

  1. current profit – things you do that pay you today;

  2. future profit – things you do that will pay you down the line

The equally interesting part of the exercise is to review things that you are currently doing that should be in the “everything else” section and then decide how you are going to move them over:

  1. eliminate – you simply aren’t going to do them any more (think BSO’s that distract);

  2. automate – you are going to employ systems/people that make them happen without you (think Kim Black, my IT guru);

  3. delegate – you are going to ask somebody else to do them, for whom those things are their unique ability (think Phillippa Goodwin – my business manager).

By employing The Unique Ability Exercise, you can make sure that 80% of your working life is invested in pursuing your unique abilities and 20% is leading the team that automate and delegate everything else.

That makes your work a joy – for you and for those on the receiving end.

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