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The sensitive issue of staff bonuses (and what to do about them)

Our November Extreme Business Academy tutorial tackles a perennial topic in dentistry:

  1. should I pay bonuses?

  2. when?

  3. to whom?

  4. how much

So I share with you my 50 years experience in the work place and 22 years in dentistry on:

  1. why people stay at a workplace

  2. how you should evaluate basic pay

  3. exactly what a bonus is (and isn’t)

  4. whether carrots and sticks ever work

  5. different teams in your business and what makes them tick

  6. financial bonuses

  7. time bonuses

I’m not offering a simple solution – do this – I am offering a complete overview of the psychology of bonuses and how you can avoid some of the common mistakes that owners make.

You can purchase the tutorial for just £25 as a Pay As You Go member, or sign up for an Extreme Business Academy membership for just £260 per year or £25 per month. We can take international payments as well.

All Extreme Business Academy content generates automated verifiable CPD.

To purchase the course, sign up HERE.

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