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The Return of The Doyen of Dentistry – Sheila Scott talks about her career and philosophy

Members of The Extreme Business Club are in for a treat tomorrow as we will be releasing my next hour-long video interview – this time with my friend and former cycling buddy Sheila Scott.

Yes – I persuaded her to pause from gardening, slap on a bit of “lippy” and join me from her sunny conservatory in the north of Scotland to reflect on her career and share with me the best bits of her undoubtedly significant contribution to the business of dentistry.

Having qualified in psychology and learning the world of marketing and finance in the pharmaceutical trade, Sheila found herself talking to dentists from a finance perspective. From there, she found her calling as one of (if not THE) first dental business consultants home grown in the UK back in 1989.

During our interview, Sheila reflects upon:

  1. the real definition of marketing;

  2. what patients really want when they visit the dentist (and it’s not what you think);

  3. how the 16-point dental health check, delivered correctly, can become the keystone of your business and lead to an increase in treatment uptake;

  4. how to give constructive and motivational feedback to team members.

Perhaps most significantly, Sheila talks in detail about growing the hygiene-based dental business and suggests that every 5-day a week dentist should be supported by a 4-day a week hygienist who generates an additional £40,000 – 60,000 per annum bottom line profit to your business.

(Dare I say it – there is also a controversial dialogue about the role of the dental therapist)

It’s a smashing conversation with a best friend who knows her stuff like few others do and I’m delighted to be able to bring her wisdom to Club members.

For more details on how an investment of just £260 can buy you a year’s Club membership PLUS free access to a 3.5 hour online dental marketing course visit

(p.s. it would be worth the year’s membership just to listen to Sheila)

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