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The paradox of the speedy snail

Its not always about being the fastest.

It took me 23 years of full-time employment to discover what I actually wanted to do for a living (to become a coach).

It took me 10 years of unfulfilling business partnerships to discover that my heart was in freelancing.

I’ve been researching a new method of coaching delivery for 12 months now – and still haven’t made the decision as to which way to go with it.

Looking back, every time I rushed for success, it made me unhappy.

The marathon runner – go figure.

Now the paradox.

I’m working with clients whose sales are growing at 50% in one year, by implementing the internal marketing tactics that we are sharing around my Tribe.

The speed with which this is happening has surprised and delighted me and the clients.

It’s as if there has been unrealised potential within their existing patient database that has suddenly been released, simply because the team, the managers, the owners and the freelance clinicians have heard that penny dropping.

I’m turning up at client meetings in which we are reviewing sales for Q1 2018 with Q1 2017 and the numbers are almost too good to be true – but true they are.

Here’s the formula:

  1. reduce or eliminate your spend on external marketing (especially digital);

  2. introduce or increase your investment in training the team to engage with patients for up-sales and recommendations

  3. rinse and repeat for 12 focused months

  4. watch the new business results grow

I am the advocate of “pace not race”; the champion of the “get rich slow” system.

Now, things are happening quickly, and I’m having to adjust to that.

For all of the client success I’m seeing, I’m going to keep reminding myself that the snail’s pace suits me best.

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