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The new rules for recruitment – 5 ways to hire winners

Whether you need a receptionist, a nurse, a manager or new clinicians, the old recruitment rules are dead

Next time you are hiring:

Step 1 – write a brief recruitment advert and email it to me – I will run that on my Facebook profile – I’m 2 degrees of separation from 750,000 people. Then repeat with other well-connected friends who are active on social media (remember Dunbar’s number)

Step 2 – advertise the position on the Principal’s Linkedin profile (if she has one – if not, what are you playing at?) and on her Facebook profile and the practice Facebook Page. Repurpose the post across all social media channels to which you are connected.

Step 3 – advertise on Gumtree and any other job forums that may be local to the area

Step 4 – talk to your labs and your dental reps and make sure they know there is a place available

Step 5 – write a letter to your existing patients (see attached example below)

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