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The Message and The Method

Two questions to ask yourself.

Question 1 – what is our message?

It is no longer adequate to answer “our message is that we are dentists”.

You have to consider:

  1. what is special about our dentistry? (in which areas can we demonstrate our 10,000 hours of genius?)

  2. what is special about the patients we serve? (people like this visit people like us)

  3. what is special about the problems for which we deliver clever solutions and desirable outcomes?

  4. what is special about our user experience?

There is always a market for special – it’s the not so special that suffers in a weak economy.

Question 2 – by what methods do we deliver our message?

Your methodology is your marketing plan.

The choices now are more varied and ingenious than ever.




2017 can be your best year yet – nothing is stopping you if your message and your method are clear.

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