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The Hungry Boxer

Yesterday the alarm was at 05:00 and after composing my blog I set off on a 10k run, blown along by the remnants of Ophelia past Newcastle Racecourse to Gosforth and back.

Followed by a full day delivering the 3rd Practice Plan Workshop Tour with Sheila Scott.

As an aside…….. 17 practices is attendance. Here are some stats to ponder:
All 17 were investing in some form of digital advertising but none of them could accurately tell me the results
Only 1 practice was able to tell me the bounce rate on their web site (and that was an impressive 37.90% – well done Ghyllmount Dental)
4 practices had a full-time TCO
3 practices held a regular daily huddle
0 (that’s none of them) were prepared to say that they had an effective End of Treatment Protocol in place

The Workshop finished promptly at 16:30 and, after helping Sarah and the Practice Plan team to tidy up the room (thus is stardom), Sheila was off to The Lakes for a meeting tomorrow and I was back in my hotel room for the first of a series of evening calls, beginning an hour later at 17:30.

On the phone until 19:30 and then down in the bar at The Marriott for a cheeky sirloin with roast squash.

My intention was to attack an ever-growing task list in Asana but what actually happened was precisely 2 hours to answer the emails that had accumulated during the day:

  1. can you take a look at the accounts for a practice I’m thinking of buying?

  2. can you suggest a valuation figure for an associate who wants to buy in?

  3. can you have a look at this month’s patient newsletter and give us a green light?

  4. can you answer some questions about your new workshop programme for 2018?

  5. can you tell me what I should be paying a new member of our management team?

  6. can you have a look at the designs for our new window decal?

  7. can you have a look at our new practice logo and web site?

  8. can you point me at some decent education material for new practice managers?

  9. can you send me the hand outs from your recent talk?

  10. can you come over here and coach us – we need a 3-year plan for expansion?

In bed at 21:45 – read book – lights out 22:00.

And so today……..

Alarm 04:00.

Write this blog.

5k run at 05:00.

Taxi at 07:00.

First client meeting 09:00.

Second client meeting 13:30.

Expected home at 20:00 – to pack for Showcase.

I was in Belfast a few weeks back and chatting to my clients Mark and Beverley Gilbert from Creative Smiles about work rate for business owners.

Beverley shared with me an old Belfast expression:

“If you want something done, you should look for a hungry boxer.”

You and I – we are the hungry boxers.

We just keep getting back up on our feet and getting in the ring.

Here goes…….

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