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The Complete Marketing Course – everything you and your team need to know in one place –

Let me start this post backwards by telling you that, for a one-time investment of £260 (or the equivalent in your own currency) you can access The Complete Marketing Course FREE OF CHARGE as a bonus offer with membership of The Extreme Business Club.

That’s my sales pitch today – £260.

Now let’s talk about what you get for your investment as far as The Complete Marketing Course is concerned:

  1. 3 hours 21 minutes of me, on video, taking you and your team on a step by step guide to internal human interest marketing (18 separate video modules);

  2. a complete set of the PowerPoint slides I use during my tutorials;

  3. examples of real-life patient video testimonials;

  4. examples of real-life smile check forms to use with new patients and at dental health reviews;

  5. compliant patient consent forms;

  6. all the Excel spreadsheets that you need to monitor your marketing activity;

  7. links to my favourite dental web sites, Facebook Pages, Instagram accounts, practice blogs, patient newsletters and You Tube channels from real-life practices around the world;

  8. an Excel marketing plan template;

  9. 10 individual marketing infographics, including an agenda for the ideal Daily Huddle and an End of Treatment Protocol.

Here’s what Practice Manager and co-founder of Fresh Dental Care, Louise Spry has to say about The Complete Marketing Course:

Easy to work through and I love the layout, presentation and design Louise Spry – Fresh Dental Care – Maidstone

Why you should invest £260 in The Complete Marketing Course

  1. An online resource that gives you, your business manager, marketing assistant, treatment co-ordinator and all of the team a complete overview of the why, what, who, where and how of internal low-cost marketing in 2019;

  2. Unlimited usage of the course – watch over and over again – so that as you promote or recruit new people in your team, you can simply ask them to view the course to bring them up to speed with your marketing strategy;

  3. Automated verifiable CPD for the individual in whose name the account is registered;

  4. Additional vCPD certificates on demand for a very small admin charge;

  5. Access to regular updates to the course content as market conditions evolve (I’ll be adding a brand new marketing ROI tracker in the next few days).

As if that weren’t enough to justify your investment, you will have enrolled as a member of The Extreme Business Club, which means that you and your team will have access to:

  1. A monthly tutorial on aspects of business in dentistry – so far

  2. April – Focus On – The End of Treatment Review

  3. May – Focus On – Time Management

  4. June – Focus On – Everything you need to know about creating a Champion’s League team

  5. A monthly live webinar, featuring straight answers to tough questions;

  6. A monthly interview with a Key Opinion Leader – so far

  7. April – The difference between Brand and Branding – and why it matters for your business – with Les Jones

  8. May – building the health-centred dental practice with Sheila Scott

  9. June – A conversation with Tracy Stuart on what makes team members perform at their best (and what to do when the don’t)

  10. Access to The Extreme Business Library with over 50 resources, including infographics, templates, letters and spreadsheets on all aspects of dental business

  11. Access to further extensive training courses for you and your team at a special member’s price – so far:

  12. April – The Complete Financial Course

  13. Coming in August – The Complete Patient Experience Course

  14. and more to follow.

I suspect that, by now, you are thinking this may be too good to be true – it isn’t – my vision is that The Extreme Business Club will become a low-cost global community of people sharing examples of best practice in dental business.


This is just the start.

So – here’s my big ask today.

Join us.

Join over 100 existing Club members from The UK, Ireland, South Africa and Australia – we launched in April and we are growing fast.

Wherever you are in the world.

Join The Extreme Business Club on an annual membership and unlock the door to what I intend to be the most useful owner, manager and team training resource on dental business in the world.

Please note that a smartphone version is under construction and will be available by the end of the summer – presently, The Extreme Business Club operates on desktops and laptops only.

To access The Extreme Business Club landing page and join us:


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