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The Bonus Collection - on bonuses

The diligent amongst you have called me to account in that, a week ago, I promised a blog post on bonuses - and then became distracted by other issues on which to comment - and forgot!

Thank you for the reminder - here is a collection of my posts on that subject, going back a ways:

27th March 2008:

A simple bonus calculator:

staff bonus calculator
Download XLSX • 74KB

1st May 2009:

A letter written by my grandfather:

22nd December 2009:

A response to a client's question:

7th November 2019:

A link to my Extreme Business Academy tutorial on bonuses:

26th November 2021:

A return to my grandfather's letter and some further comments.

That should keep you going for a while - any questions on bonuses?

Email me at and I'll gladly answer.

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