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The best business decision I ever made

Planning 10-12 weeks vacation every year.

It’s still the best business decision I ever made.

Listening to Dan Sullivan, founder of Strategic Coach, talking about Free, Focus and Buffer Days in July 1993 (Toronto) and, after 2 years of procrastination, taking the plunge in 1996.

Sometimes doing crazy stuff (like the trip to Oman in February this year), sometimes a holiday in the sun, sometimes enjoying what The British Isles has to offer, sometimes just a week to breath and self-organise at home.

This week it will be a cottage in West Wales, slow starts to the day, reading good literature, training runs in a new environment, long beach walks with the dogs, home cooked dinners and, most importantly of all, great conversation – just the two of us.

Off the grid.

You should try it.

The Coach Barrow blog will be back on Monday, 20th November.

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