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The 17 essential numbers that you need to stay on course with your internal marketing and new patien

What’s actually going on in your practice when it comes to internal marketing and new patient conversion?

Here’s what your internal marketing team should be targeting and counting at the end of every week, month, quarter, year:

Social media engagement

  1. Web site unique visits, bounce rate and most popular pages

  2. Followers and friends (notably Facebook, Instagram and Linkedin)

  3. Facebook Check-ins

  4. Google and Facebook Reviews

  5. Instagram and Facebook Posts (reach, shares and comments)

  6. Blog articles written and number of readers

  7. Email newsletters open rate

New patient conversion and engagement

  1. New patient enquiries

  2. Conversion to free assessment and/or paid consult

  3. Treatment plans delivered

  4. Treatment plans taken up

  5. Average spend of new patient

  6. End of treatment reviews

  7. Membership Plan sales

  8. Business cards handed out

  9. Email consents to newsletter

  10. Video testimonials

You should expect to see those numbers every week without fail so that you can discuss course corrections.

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