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Taking the King’s Shilling – more on the subject of poaching clinicians

Dear Coach:

Interesting few posts from you recently about poaching of clinicians.

I thought I would raise the point that this poaching is also a way being used to gain patients. I know of one local practice who has now lost 3 dentists to the same “usurper” micro corporate (and a dental nurse).

I have lost one dentist to that practice myself and they have taken 96 patients with them since February and it’s only September.

This loss has cancelled out all my new patents for past 4 months and it’s only 6 months since the dentist left.

I thought you might have some ideas on how to handle this type of mass exodus and, quite frankly, dishonesty from an associate who professed “it didn’t cross my mind that I might tell my patients to stay here, that I really believe in your practice and they’d be in good hands after I left- but from now on I will do so” and then blatantly did no such thing.

Thank you in advance.

Dear Client:

At one level, the story you tell is disturbing for all those who strive the long hours it takes to own and manage a dental business.

At another level I’ve seen this behaviour many times over the years, including the associates who sneak into the practice after hours and copy the hard drive before leaving (remember those passwords are supposed to be secret).

As to measures to reduce the impact – frankly, if they go they go – there’s little you can do about it, other than excel in everything you do (easily said – I know) and cross your fingers that your team and patients will know the difference.

Dear Coach:

Also, about that post on the corporates giving a golden handshake of £10k?

I think one of my dentists has just been offered it…all of a sudden, reference requests from “a certain corporate” and the dentist wants “to discuss pay and hours”…..

He is fully private, with a special interest in oral surgery, why else would he work for them?

Dear client:

Frankly, if he takes the king’s shilling, more fool him – it’s like leaving the Rebel Alliance to work on the Death Star.

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