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Taking a week off to gaze into a crystal ball

One of my better decisions for the 2019 calendar was to book a Bunker Week every three months – 5 days in my basement office at home in which to work ON the business.

Although I have client and prospect calls dotted around the diary this week, my main emphasis will be on the completion of current projects and planning for 2020.

That’s taking a long look at the mix of clients we are working with next year and the split between face to face coaching, workshops and digital.

The good news is that our marketing campaign for next year, which began on 1st September, has exceeded my expectations and Team CB are in a celebratory mood.

Back in September I set two targets for 2020 sales:

  1. MVP – minimum viable proposition – the sales that would give us a comfortable year but not much fat on the bone;

  2. Dream Target – the sales that would represent our best ever year (44% higher than MVP) and provide super-profit to reinvest into the business.

Here I am on 25th November 2019, with another 4 working weeks to go this year and we are currently standing at:

  1. 135% of MVP;

  2. 94% of Dream Target.

That doesn’t include any of our current sales pipeline (it’s not over yet) or any incidental sales that take place during the actual year – it’s all booked in advance.

To say that I’m delighted and grateful would be an understatement – thank you to all the clients, old and new, who have committed to working with us.

Today, a rare event.

This afternoon I’m meeting with Phillippa Goodwin (up from Devon) and Rachel Barrow (up from London) for only our second physical get-together this year.

After a preparatory conversation last Friday with my business coach Rachel Turner, I’m ready.

We will be looking at every aspect of our business, reviewing what we have learned from this year, looking in the mirror at where we are today and gazing forward into the new year and beyond.

After that, I will have 4 glorious days at home to GTD – get things done.

Those of you who run your own business will understand how excited I am at the prospect.

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