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Preparing your patients and your team for the Easter weekend

I don't know about you but I'm really looking forward to 4 days on which I don't set the alarm for 05:00 and then arrive for another "Groundhog Day" of responding to Covid-19.

Nationally, I think we face a weekend of reckoning and, if the Covidiots are out in force (assuming that a thousand people in a park, having BBQ's 2 metres from each other, is social distancing) then we can all prepare for the announcement of a deeper lockdown next week.

On a more local level, your patients and your team are looking at possibly the longest weekend of their lives, tolerating physical loneliness or the irritating proximity of others depending on circumstances (who is to say which is worse - that's grass that always looks greener).

TODAY - yes, today - you would be well advised to remind your patients exactly what they should do (in your kingdom) if they suffer a dental emergency. I know that you have already told them but a social media reminder wouldn't go amiss.

TODAY - yes, today - you would be equally well advised to reach out to your teams and encourage them to take some quality time off (whether employed, furloughed or redeployed). Remind them, also, of the work there is to return to next week, the training you have scheduled or the pride you have in their redeployment.

I've never stopped reminding you in the last three weeks that lockdown leaders create the conversation, they take the initiative, they show up first and eat last.

Last night I met with the 70+ clients joining us for The Extreme Business Regeneration Programme and we shared the full 12-week lockdown training schedule we have created for their teams. The feedback was very positive.

This morning I'll be concluding Part 2 of a Zoom "understanding practice finance" special with a posse of my original 2020 coaching clients.

In today's Daily Briefing at 13:00 I'll be talking to Chris Strevens from Frank Taylor Associates about goodwill valuations post-Covid (what is all this going to do to the market and valuations?).

At 14:00 I'll be guesting on a 30-person Zoom CPD session for a furloughed orthodontic practice.

My afternoon is full of client calls.

At 19:00 we will have our weekly Business Confidence Forum with my invited panel of experts, practitioners and opinion leaders, answering your questions live.

Then, I'll be closing The Barrow Bunker until Tuesday and love my job though I do - I'm ready for a rest.

I wish you a restful Easter weekend - stay safe, stay well and stay indoors.

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