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Pallant Orthodontics – getting it right

It’s rare that I single out individual practices for praise in this blog but I feel compelled so to do after my visit to Chichester yesterday.

I posted on Facebook last night but decided to repeat here this morning – so that you don’t miss an excellent web site and an innovative process for patient care in ortho (play the video on the home page).

The web site is HERE.

In no particular order:

  1. a beautifully presented practice;

  2. an excellent team;

  3. an outstanding manager;

  4. an enlightened Principal;

  5. an increasingly effective internal marketing plan;

  6. one of the best organised and attended Study Club meetings this year;

  7. an inspiring conversation;

  8. an expansion plan with a bigger future.

Given the doom and gloom in UK orthodontics at present – my visit to the lovely city of Chichester was an inspiration. If you are a displaced orthodontist looking for a job – you should be looking here.

Same goes if you are wondering what to do next with your ortho business.

Outstanding gentlemen and very proud to have worked with you in my Extreme Business Workshop Programme this year.

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