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Overcoming objections at the point of sale – a quick guide

During September 2019 I attended a meeting with the Front Desk and TCO team at Scottish Centre for Excellence in Dentistry and they asked me to guide them through “how to answer patient concerns and objections at the point of sale”.

After our session, I was asked to create a permanent record for revision purpose – what better excuse for an Academy tutorial could there be?

So here we are – join me in a brand new Extreme Business Academy tutorial as your guide through:

  1. The 4 most common categories of patient objection;

  2. The Feel, Felt, Found Method for answering concerns;

  3. The special way to deal with an objection on price;

  4. How to use the Daily Huddle to identify and prepare for Point of Sale (POS) patient meetings;

  5. Recommendations to further reading and training on ethical communication skills;

  6. A word of advice on patient finance.

This month’s tutorial is suitable for all clinicians, TCOs and team members who are involved in the POS conversation.

It’s a 40-minute video tutorial (including Powerpoint slides) with 4 downloadable resources.

The 200 existing Academy members have access to this free of charge.

Purchase the tutorial as a ‘Non-Member’ for just £25, or sign up for an Extreme Business Academy membership for just £260 per year or £25 per month. We can take international payments as well.

All Extreme Business Academy content generates automated verifiable CPD.

To review and/or purchase this tutorial and others click HERE.

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