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On The Bus – a riff on what makes a winning team

The Bus.

The Bus is a metaphor for:

  1. our standards of performance – the way we do things

  2. our standards of behaviour – the way we treat each other

  3. the story of where we came from – our collective history

  4. the story of where we are going – our collective future

  5. the story of WHY we do the things we do – our values

Note for team members

Where You Are:

  1. you can be on The Bus

  2. you can be off The Bus

It’s a free world – you get to choose.

Here’s the important bit though……

You can only be on The Bus if you believe in The Bus – totally unconditionally believe.

So choose.

Note for Owners

People on The Bus have to understand and appreciate your standards and stories and need to hear them over and over again.

People who are on The Bus but don’t believe in The Bus are a nightmare.

You have to stop every now and then to let people on and off The Bus.

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