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On creativity and the best time to dig a well

You don’t dig a well in a drought because there’s a good chance that you will too late.

You dig a well when it’s raining.

You don’t slow down or stop your marketing when there are new patients queuing up for consultations and the waiting list for treatment is getting longer.

You don’t slow down or stop your marketing – ever.

To clarify:

  1. a monthly patient newsletter means 12 times a year (more hypocrisy – I missed my client newsletter in March because I didn’t prioritise it);

  2. an end of treatment review takes place every time a patient comes to the end of a course of confidence restoring/enhancing dentistry;

  3. the MRCREST list is discussed for every patient;

  4. a daily huddle takes place every day;

  5. you post to social media every opportunity;

  6. you send out all of your recalls every month.

Marketing, marketing, marketing.

It never ends.

The words you associate with this are relentless creativity.

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