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“OMG – look everybody – my dentist has a Christmas Tree in their waiting room!&#82

This is not me being a Grinch.

This is me being a marketer.

In life, the objective of posting on to social media is to share with your tribe the mountains, valleys and missiles of your life (blimey – do you remember that expression?).

In business, the objective of posting on to social media is to get shared.

So I’m just going to ask a simple question.

How many of your patients do you think are going to share the photograph of the Christmas Tree?

May I please remind you of my “80/15/5” rule when it comes to marketing content:

  1. 80% stories about the difference that you have made to the lives of real people;

  2. 15% stories about what the team are up to (that’s where the Christmas Tree fits);

  3. 5% BDS – boring dental stuff – how to floss, here’s a picture of my new scanner, how to brush properly, I’m on another course.

I’m not saying “don’t” – I am saying “don’t get suckered into posting lots of lovely Christmassy photos and then conveniently forget to collect the patient stories (photo and/or video).


I know the tree is easier, I know the tree doesn’t need to sign a consent form, I know you don’t have to ask the tree and run the risk of it saying “no”.


Before you disappear into 3 weeks of boomeranging mince pies and holly….

Marketing is what happens when you tell a story about how what you do has changed somebody else’s life for the better.

“OMG – look at Auntie Mary’s new smile – where did she get that done?”

Is a better conversation for people to be having over Christmas.

Make sure they can.

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