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Niagara Falls

We started our quarterly management meeting in the back of Russ’s limo this morning and chatted about the next 90-days, 12-months and three years as the car made it’s way to Niagara. My assistant had organized this as a bit of a treat for Team CB after our work at the Live Event these last three days. We called at the Hillebrand Winery and were fascinated to listen to Archie explain how the ice wine is made – then how to taste wine properly. He also explained how their red wine is a blend of three pure reds and that each is chosen for its strengths and to balance the other two. The wine makers say that in a blended wine, the sum of the parts is greater than the individual components. This made me realize why we (Team CB, myself Jen and Barbara) work so well together. We are individually talented in our unique abilities but, when blended together, the sum of our talents is greater than the individual parts. We are a fine red wine! Niagara was as spectacular as ever – the ladies literally squealed with pleasure as we arrived. We lunched overlooking the Canadian Falls – a bottle of champagne, a toast to the future, great food and a fascinating discussion of where we each saw ourselves professionally in 5 years time. Now that’s what I call a team meeting.

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