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New Achievements, New Habits – the Coach Barrow Spring Retreat begins..

It’s important to understand the difference between achievements and habits when you are goal-setting.

An achievement is a specific target, usually involving numbers and deadlines:

  1. I will hit a sales target of X by Y date;

  2. I will launch product/service X by Y date;

  3. I will create X video testimonials by Y date.

A habit is a new way of living/working that you intend to embrace on a permanent basis:

  1. I’m going to review and update my personal finances every Sunday morning;

  2. I’m going to cut out the alcohol on school nights;

  3. I’m going to start handing out my business referral cards to every patient.

All of us can benefit by establishing new achievement targets and habits on a quarterly basis.

Today I’ll be meeting with the owners of just 6 practices for a weekend retreat that will commence at lunchtime today and run through until noon on Sunday. I have 4 from the UK, 1 from Sweden and 1 from South Africa who have made the journey into central London.

Here’s what we will be covering:

Your Overall Strategy:
  1. 10-year vision

  2. 3-year targets

  3. 12-month plan

  4. 90-day goals Where are you going in business? Super-profitable single location? Micro-corporate? Sale date established? Your Financial Plan:

  5. Personal financial planning (that’s managing your own cash flow)

  6. Analysing your Profit & Loss statement

  7. Creating a 12-month budget

  8. Looking at how you compare with industry benchmarks via Key Performance Indicators

  9. Measuring associate productivity and profitabilityYour Marketing Plan:

  10. How you engage with existing patients

  11. How you encourage and gather patient referrals

  12. How you recruit brand new patients

  13. Through the web

  14. Through direct marketing

  15. If appropriate, how you generate GDP referrals

  16. How you measure the ROI from your marketing investmentYour Patient Experience Plan:

  17. First digital contact

  18. First human contact

  19. First consult

  20. Treatment planning and TCO’s

  21. Treatment plan presentation and close

  22. Your end of treatment protocolYour Team:

  23. Current organisational structure

  24. Changes required to facilitate growth

  25. Leadership and management of your teamPersonal Development

  26. Running a business and keeping a life!

The delegates will “enjoy” 48 hours of total immersion with me at the prestigious Seminars at Thirty Eight venue in Marylebone.

I’m expecting a game-changer for all of them and that they will emerge with new achievement targets and habits that they cannot even imagine this morning.

Let the fun begin…..

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