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My job application (a year in advance) – I’d like to work for you in 2021

Dear Dental Principal

I’d like to apply for a job at your practice please:

  1. Job Title – Extreme Business Coach;

  2. Start Date – 1st January 2021;

  3. Duration – 12 months;

  4. Salary – £1,200 pcm (including VAT);

  5. Benefits – I do not require any health insurance, or a pension, or life cover, or expenses or an invite to the Christmas party or a bonus;

  6. Working conditions – I don’t need a desk, a chair, a telephone, a computer, a uniform, a locker or any business cards – oh, and you don’t need to be nice to me;

  7. Attitude – I know how to

  8. help you with your new practice or new practice purchase;

  9. help you if you are stuck at a glass ceiling

  10. help you if you don’t like your job or your business any more;

  11. grow your existing business profits by 33%;

  12. prepare your business for sale and increase the value you will realise;

  13. or – help you to grow a self-managing business that you will never have to sell;

  14. I’ve been helping others in dentistry to do the same for 22 years;

  15. I’m not scared of getting my hands dirty, confrontation doesn’t worry me, I tell the truth about what I see;

  16. In December 2021 I will resign on a month’s notice;

  17. I’ll want you to tell others that your investment was worth it because I helped your practice to break through to a new level.

How will I achieve this for you?

  1. I’ll spend 4 full days during 2021 working with you and your team on-site;

  2. I’ll invite you and your senior team to 4 workshops during 2021 to train on marketing, finance, the patient experience and leadership;

  3. I’ll invite you to 8 separate video calls to monitor your progress and answer questions;

  4. I’ll send you and your managers an automated reporting request every Friday, to keep you all accountable;

  5. I’ll invite you to my e-learning platform, where you can access and download a growing catalogue of business development resources.

I’d like to attend an interview and answer your questions.

Would you be prepared to give me 30-minutes of your time on video or telephone?

Your action – just email with the word “Coach 2021” in the subject line and I’ll connect.

p.s. If you need help in 2020, I’m sold out – but I can refer you to my workshop programme (where we still have spaces) or another coach.

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