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Leadership by enthusiasm

I work with a lot of managers and other senior team members nowadays, recognising that the true mission of the savvy Dental Principal is to create a great support team. To hire a coach to make the management team fulfil their potential. To evolve superb:

  1. Business Development Managers

  2. Clinical Managers

  3. Marketing Managers

  4. Treatment Co-ordinators

  5. Marketing Champions

It’s a real privilege to work with people who want to increase their skill set, learn more about their area of expertise, be like sponges in absorbing new knowledge – people who want “to see the world and for the world to see them”.

Equally frustrating when I hear this from those same managers:

“CB all this new stuff is amazing but what’s the point? You see – we get all exited about your stuff when you are here but the boss doesn’t follow through.”

Would you be surprised if I told you that I hear that frequently?

The trap I sometimes fall into is working for a Principal who asks “will you please train my team to do more things” and then metaphorically walks away, expecting systems to miraculously improve, without their own personal involvement and commitment.

Delegation is about getting the work done by other people – but in a small business you cannot delegate the drive, the ambition, the relentless pursuit of excellence, the attention to detail, the encouragement to battle on when the going gets tough.

I can certainly train, coach and mentor all of the above senior people in your business – but you will still need to lead them.

That includes taking a genuine interest in what I’m training them to do and showing appreciation for their individual progress on a daily basis (when I’m not there).

It’s not a big ask is it – getting as enthusiastic about your own business as your staff and your coach?

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