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Human Interest Marketing – Part 1

I’m going to spend the new few days creating a mini-series on the subject of Human Interest Marketing (HIM) – a philosophy that begins with the following mantra

your most powerful marketing collateral will be the stories you can tell about the people whose lives you have changed for the better

We live in a world of information overload.

Facts, no matter how well presented, no longer have as much impact on us as evocative stories about other people and their experiences.

Over the days ahead, I intend to show how HIM should be engaged through:

  1. your web site

  2. your SEO

  3. your social media channels

  4. your blog

  5. your newsletter

  6. your End of Treatment Protocol

  7. your morning huddle

I want to create a one-stop summary of the latest thinking in marketing for small business with particular reference to driving Word of Mouth recommendations through your door.

You may want to start sharing these posts with your business colleagues and team members – hopefully, by the conclusion (and I don’t know when that will be – I’ll just keep going until I’m done), we will have created a checklist for your use.

Additionally, your feedback will be welcome.

I posted last week my concerns about the effectiveness of Facebook advertising and (admittedly on my Facebook profile) a healthy debate began which included some good ideas from Principals about how to get the best ROI from that channel.

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