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Here’s a simple idea for a Monday morning on the subject of business cards

Sometimes the most obvious ideas never occur to us, usually because we are too busy.

In a client meeting last week we were reviewing the effectiveness of their Daily Huddle (download a free Huddle agenda here – The Daily Huddle)

We also discussed their End of Treatment Review protocol, including how effective they were at handing out two or three business cards to each patient, whether at the end of a course of treatment or after a Dental Health Review.

Then came the “aha” moment.

Why don’t we attach the business cards to the patient’s notes first thing in the day, so that they are ready when the patient attends?

No excuses then.

It really was as simple as that.

Protocol changed – business cards handed out – one more way to grow the practice.

In the digital age, it’s important not to forget the simple face to face transactions that can help us to nurture and build our community.

  1. Do you have branded business cards printed for each fee-earner/TCO with their portrait photo, contact details and top 3 areas of expertise?

  2. Do you hand two or three them out every day to each relevant patient?

“I wonder if I could ask you a favour? We are growing the practice at the moment and looking for new patients. If you have any family, friends or colleagues who you think would benefit from a visit to our practice, would you please pass my business card on to them? Thank you.”

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