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Half-time in 2019 – time to pause, reflect, envision and plan – some tools to help you d

To repeat – this weekend we celebrate “half-time” on the year 2019. Monday kicks off the second half of this year’s game/contest/quest (call it what you will).

It is important over the next week to take some time out to review your answers to the questions we ask our coaching clients every Friday morning in our automated tracking system (for “week” read “6 months”):

When that process of reflection is completed, invest some further time in setting your goals for the next 90 days:

  1. Specific goal;

  2. Your key motivations for setting that goal;

  3. The next steps necessary to start the journey towards that goal:

  4. The reward you will allow yourself when you achieve that goal.

The following PDFs may be useful to you in setting both personal and professional goals.


  1. Look back and learn;

  2. Look forward and envision;

  3. Make a plan;

  4. Work the plan.

p.s. might be worth asking your senior managers to track their last 6 months and to complete their 90-day professional goals – and/or getting your team together for a similar process?

The blog will be back on Monday 15th July.

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Albina Konovalova
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