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Half-empty or half-full? A beginners guide to the rest of today.

Here’s a list of reasons why you could give up, throw the towel in, sell up and go:

  1. The threat of litigation;

  2. The burden of compliance;

  3. The meddling of Government;

  4. The squeeze by insurance companies:

  5. The scarcity of good clinicians and team members;

  6. The irritation and dilution of competition;

  7. The behaviours of your most troublesome team members and patients;

  8. The disappointment in dealing with poor suppliers;

  9. The virality of social media – allowing your bad news to travel further, faster than every before;

  10. The sheer overwhelming relentlessness of it all – having to get up and go to work, day after day, over and over again.

Here’s a list of reasons why you can carry on, dig deeper for more energy, make a difference:

  1. Baby-boomers – who have 45% of the money, an extra 20 years of life that their parents didn’t have and the desire to look good and feel good;

  2. The 3 billion photographs that we upload to The Cloud every 24 hours – mainly of ourselves;

  3. The virality of social media – allowing your good news to travel further, faster than every before;

  4. The fact that you have the skill and the confidence to deliver high-end dentistry;

  5. The opportunity to find those needles in the haystack – team players and clinicians who are a pleasure to mentor and work with;

  6. The suppliers who support you and demonstrate their loyalty through their customer service;

  7. The opportunity to “give back and be proud” through your Corporate Social Responsibility programme;

  8. Your beautiful premises;

  9. The hard-earned reputation of your brand.;

  10. The sheer overwhelming privilege of being born in the right post-code, having a world of opportunity at your doorstep, having food and water, health, security, a sense of belonging to a community that upholds similar values, the love of family and friends and a deep sense of purpose and self-actualisation through your work.

So which list are you taking to work today?

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