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Guys! – this is why getting the detail right in language is important

I flew Aer Lingus from Manchester to Dublin yesterday (actually, one of those little aircraft that is really operated by Stobart).

The two stewardesses did a great job of looking after us – I was sat on Row 1 and my “senior” stewardess was very good humoured – she was telling a fellow passenger that she had flown 20 flights in 5 days and was looking forward to an extended break as we arrived in Ireland. We had a moment of giggles when she demonstrated how to open the emergency exit and said “don’t worry – if you struggle, I’ll be out of there faster than you”.

There’s just one irritation with my whole customer service experience whilst in the air.

It’s the “junior” stewardess walking down the aisle announcing:

OK guys – does anybody have any rubbish?

….as she waved a plastic bag in front of us.

Is it me?

(by the way – if it is me then I’ll take the flack)

I just have a problem in any customer service experience for which I’m paying average to good prices, when somebody calls me “guys”.

I’m not “guys”.

I don’t mind being “Chris” or “CB” or “Mr. Barrow” – even “sir” (depending on the circumstances).

But I’m definitely not “guys”.

Not on an Aer Lingus flight to Dublin.

Not in your dental practice.

Nobody in your practice would walk into the patient lounge and announce:

Right guys – who’s next up for a polish?

Would they?

Said stewardess, by the way, was doing her best in the absence of a system.

The devil is in the detail.

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