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Food and Think


I fell off the Paleo nutrition tracks about 3 months ago and have steadily allowed the dreaded yet delicious carbs back into my life.

It seems that in the last few days my body has decided to send me messages hailing “enough already!” and the main manifestation of that has been a sense of bloat and the unnerving sensation that my Levis are shrinking.

Vanity has finally kicked in and so I’m making a public announcement that it’s back on Paleo for me (6 days a week) from NOW – saying that here will hold me accountable.

Six weeks from now I’ll be en route to a sailing holiday and I want to feel good about myself on deck.

Christmas will be a special hurdle to cross before I get there – here goes – back to colourful food. Sell your shares in Pret a Manger.


I’m continuing my fascinating journey through Seth Godin’s Value Creation Master Class on Udemy.

The written Q&A exercises in the workbook are making me think carefully:

In two sentences, what’s the problem you solve? Not for you but for the user?

My answer:

The problem I solve is how to start-up, expand, buy or sell a profitable dental business.

This involves understanding how best to deploy the time, money, systems and people necessary in the wider context of the dental macro-economy.

Your answer?

Will a few users pay a lot, or will a lot of users pay a little?

My answer:

I want to focus on targeted high-value clients – a few users who pay a lot.

Your answer?

If you choose a small number of high-value clients who pay a lot, you will either spend time making products for your customers or spend time seeking customers for your products. Which posture feels right for you?

My answer:

I have always focused on seeking customers for my products. This Master Class encourages me to alter my perspective and explore what it would look like if I designed products for my customers – “people like you use products like this”.

Your answer?

Do the people you seek to serve know that they have the problem you can solve for them?

My answer:

I believe that they do. They’re people who understand that re-inventing wheels is expensive and time consuming. They want the inside knowledge, the fast track. They want to be able to anticipate roadblocks before they appear and take avoiding action. They may be attracted by packaged and proven solutions – Dan Sullivan would describe as this as “the commoditisation of the solution”.

Your answer?

More in the days ahead.

Waistline contracting.

Mind expanding.

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