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Dr. Cigdem Kipel explains why attending the Extreme Business Workshop can be the best business decis

1. I first heard about Coach Barrow through my friend Lawrence. Like me, he is a practice principal who is interested in both business and personal growth and development in what can be a highly demanding and challenging role. Chris was also highly recommended by another dental business coach, Ashley Latter.

2. I booked the course because I wanted to discover more of what I don’t already know about all aspects of running a successful health business. For me, marketing in particular was uncharted territory. I also wanted to hear new ideas about the operational side of running practices and ”best practice” principles to work by. Secondly, I wanted to feel motivated and re-charged on a personal level and gain clarity in my goals moving forward.

3. The experience really, truly was mind blowing. Chris was able to maintain our attention at all times and express profound messages through both anecdote and example. He revealed eye-opening insights about patient referral behaviours, how we express ourselves and our practices through digital platforms and how to analyse the numbers and figures to ensure our practices were operating successfully. Some of the key messages were surprising and confronting but totally relevant to our lives as practice principals.

4. This workshop for me was game-changing. Practice management and business development are areas that I thought I was already doing well in but there was so much in this workshop that was new, thought-provoking and immediately actionable. All the insights provided are expected to drive more patients into the practice and have more of them become lifelong advocates of our work. Thanks Chris!

Kind Regards,

Dr Cigdem Kipel BOralH(DSc), GDipDent(Qld), FRACDS

North Sydney Dental Practice

To attend a free 15th July webinar on Marketing in Independent Practice or to book for the August Extreme Business workshops in Sydney and Melbourne – CLICK HERE.

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