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Distractions and BSO’s

One of the challenges we face whilst running our own business is to stay focused.

We are distracted by too many “BSO’s” – bright shiny objects.

BSO’s can include:

  1. Equipment and Technology

  2. Software and Applications

  3. Philosophies and Methodologies

  4. Blogs, posts, publications and broadcasts

  5. Courses and Conferences

Many of us just love the feeling around innovation – being there at the start – building the bandwagon and not chasing it.

According to research, 2.5% of us innovate, whilst a further 13.5% are early adopters.

That is 16% (or 1600) of the independent dental practice owners in the UK.

We are prepared to experiment, to take risks, without which there is no evolution.

But we pay a price for our fascination.

We get distracted and lose our focus.

Suddenly, we start to fall short of our sales targets, our teams become confused and our balance becomes, well, unbalanced!

God bless us innovators – but please protect us from ourselves – and make sure we have some people around us who can remind us of our focus.

Hit your financial targets first – then you can oooh! and aaah! at this week’s BSO.

(written on my way to be distracted by Seth Godin in London)

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