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Dear Coach – how do I find time to think/read/plan/prepare?

Hi Chris I’m reading Deep Work and The E-Myth Revisited again. I’m also realising that I need long periods of uninterrupted time to concentrate without distraction if I want to achieve anything meaningful and to produce work of substance. Currently my work means I can only sit and do this after 10 at night.

How do I find time to think/read/plan/prepare?

Not all of this will be transferable but it may help your thinking:

  1. I wake at 05:00 weekdays – my best thinking time is early

  2. I never think much after 18:00 – I’m useless after that (knowing when you are rubbish is good)

  3. I plan a Buffer Day each week – no clients – working “on” my business

  4. I spend about 60 minutes every Sunday morning, updating my personal finances

  5. I book a 3-day planning retreat in The Bunker every quarter

  6. I take 12 weeks vacation every year – not always a holiday but certainly time to think

  7. I travel by train or plane – it gives me plenty of uninterrupted time (in fact – I wish I had done this 30 years ago and never bought a car)

  8. I aim to run 200k per month (that’s over 20 hours) – and have never worn earbuds – running is my meditation

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