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Christmas is coming – and the goose is getting thin – what are you going to do?

Last week The Guardian newspaper reported that UK retail sales in September were at their lowest since 2009, an ominous sign that consumer confidence is down in the wake of Brexit/May/Weinstein/Spacey/Fallon-gate and, on a more serious note, the tragic risks involved in walking along any high street pavement close to traffic nowadays.

There is little in the news to encourage an increase in confidence.

It’s no wonder that Halloween 2017 turned into the biggest “tat-fest” that we’ve ever witnessed, fuelled by a cash starved retail sector.

I’ve certainly never seen so many pumpkins wearing braces on social media – well done everybody.

We shall see whether 5th November provides another explosion in spending to keep our high streets in survival mode.

With just over 52 days to Christmas, the UK retail sector is edging towards panic and wondering whether this could be an apocalyptic event.

How are you feeling about spending money this Christmas?

Which ultimately affects us all in business.

Take a moment, this morning, to consider what your marketing plan is for the next 7 weeks.

You know that December will be a short month for cash flow (a time when those with well populated membership plans realise the benefit of their efforts).

You also know that patients are distracted by their seasonal obligations to family, friends and work colleagues.

So how are you going to make a difference?

What stories are you going to tell in your marketing content that will engage your audience emotionally and make them think about spending some of their hard-earned money with you? How will you persuade them to accelerate their treatment plans to get the work done?

In spite of the discomfort it creates for some, the reality is that there is an aspect of modern dentistry that sits in the retail sector – you are competing with Apple and apparel, with booze and baubles, with confectioners and candles.

Will your Dentistry compete with Dancer, Dasher, Dickens and Divinity?

This year, I think we all have to come up with something a bit more creative that tooth-whitening for a “Whiter Christmas”.

What’s your plan?

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