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Adding Facebook Messenger to your web site home page – it’s time to take action

A simple enough question this morning:

“Have you added a Facebook Messenger facility to the home page of your web site?”

The technology has been around for about a year, with stalwarts providing Facebook with the beta testing experience that software developers require. There is enough evidence out there in the market to suggest that the rest of us are now ready.

Yesterday I posted onto my Facebook profile an infographic on Facebook’s membership figures – here it is again:

Enough of us are there for this to be important in our patient communication – in fact, I envisage a situation in the not too distant future where you will be running your recall system and patient comms via Facebook Messenger – the odd ones out will be those unable to play that game.

The technology to add Facebook Messenger to your web site home page is explained HERE (a page for your developer to read – not you).

I’m building my latest web site right now – completion due March – and I’ll be asking my developer (Dental Focus) to make sure that prospects and clients can communicate with me this way.

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