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80/15/5 – the formula that has to govern your marketing content if you want to be noticed by t

Let me get straight to the point:

  1. 80% human interest stories about the patients whose lives you have changed for the better

  2. 15% human interest stories about how you and your team are growing as a result of working in your business (including your CSR)

  3. 5% products, services, special offers, open days, education, information, news

Advertising falls in the 5% zone.

In advertising, the only way you can make yourself heard above the noise is to SHOUT LOUDER.

The subject that advertisers most frequently shout about (including dentists) is PRICE.


It’s a race to the bottom in which, as Seth Godin says, the biggest risk is to win.

Marketing falls in the 80/15% zone.

The only way you can make yourself heard above the noise is to tell a good story.

You can be bold but you don’t have to SHOUT.

Good stories makes us laugh, get angry, cry, stop and think – our hearts are uplifted, moved or broken and we reach for the share button.

A good story can include:

  1. a selfie

  2. a review

  3. a video testimonial

  4. a letter or email

  5. a newsletter article

  6. a recommendation during a personal or professional conversation

The good story will be 5% about the equipment and procedure, 15% about the people in the practice and 80% about the difference that you made to the patient.

80/15/5 – tell stories and stop shouting.


When things go wrong, the bad story will be 5% about the procedure, 15% about the person who made the mistake and 80% about how it was handled.


The only time you turn these numbers on their head is when you are a referral practice looking for new GDP’s. Once you have found them, revert to 80/15/5.

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