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7 days to launch - Part 2 - The Marketing & TCO Development Programme

On Friday 11th September we begin our brand new and unique Marketing & TCO Development Programme (MTCODP).

My objective will be to enhance the communication skills and effectiveness of your marketing managers and TCOs, so that they will want to help you grow your business by raising their own game.

Over the 15 weeks until Christmas, we will be presenting a weekly live webinar on Friday lunchtimes (recording available) and following that up with regular dialogue and coaching through our unique Facebook Workplace platform.

Not only that but those graduating will have earned full vCPD throughout and will have a plan in place for their own personal and professional development during 2021.

I'll share the complete MTCODP curriculum below but take a moment to consider that, for an investment of £300 per month (inc. VAT) per dental business for 4 months (with an unlimited number of places available for Marketing & TCO team members per business), this represents incredible value for money at a time when cash flow is tight.

Not only that, but businesses taking part will equally have access to all the benefits of The Extreme Business Regeneration 2.1 Programme, including the Associate Development Programme we featured in yesterday's post.

Register your interest (2-minute process), we will onboard you and show you how to get your marketing managers and TCOs registered - it's not too late - we begin a week today.

A summary of the curriculum: is as follows:

Week 1 - Introductions

Week 2 - Your recall system as a marketing activity

Week 3 - Effective and responsible use of social media

Week 4 - A web site that earns a living

Week 5 - Blogs/vlogs and podcasts

Week 6 - Newsletters

Week 7 - The Daily Huddle

Week 8 - The End of Treatment Review in the year of Covid-19

Week 9 - An introduction to the role of the TCO

Week 10 - Patient and pipeline management

Week 11 - Compliance

Week 12 - Preparation for your role as TCO

Week 13 - Patient Communication

Week 14 - Presenting Treatment Plans

Week 15 - Getting ready for 2021

You can download a more detailed curriculum here:

The Marketing & TCO Development Programm
Download • 46KB

It's not too late to join 140 Dental Businesses who have already registered at

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