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5 weeks to get 2017 finished and to get 2018 started

Sunday was largely a Bunker Day – back in the world of the freelancer, reading and answering 180 emails and my preparation for the week ahead.

After a week of high carbs and plenty of red wine, today it’s back on the Paleo nutrition and abstinence for me – one cheat day a week from now until Christmas.

Having said that, I managed around 70km of training runs last week, a week largely off the grid and plenty of sleep – so body, mind and spirit are in good shape.

Last night was fitful sleep, however, as is often the case the night before “it all starts again” – do you do that?

I had some weird dreams overnight, centred on the usual scenario of trying to get to a destination and being thwarted along the way by a series of bizarre obstacles, in this case an iPhone that wouldn’t function, missing tickets for an away football game between Watford and MUFC and a failed attempt to catch a train on time.

No doubt Prof. Freud would have something to say – I was just glad to get out of bed this morning and on with real life.

Yes – today begins the last 5 weeks of serious work before we all take a few days off to indulge.

5 weeks to complete any business plans or goals that we may have set for 2017.

5 weeks to complete the preparations that will see 2018 off to a flying start.

My week ahead is back on the road – Dublin today then back over to Heathrow and a late arrival in Milton Keynes for tomorrow’s Practice Plan Workshop Tour.

Wednesday I’m speaking at the ASPD (Association of Specialist Providers to Dentists) annual conference in Birmingham on USP’s in independent practice – what is going to keep the independent alive and thriving in the coming years.

Then up to Edinburgh for Thursday’s PP Workshop Tour.

Friday I’ll be with clients in Manchester and clearing the decks before a very early flight on Saturday to take part in the Florence marathon over the weekend.

The next dull moment will be the first.

It’s good to be back.

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