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30 Instagram posts this morning – did any capture my attention?

  1. our new practice logo

  2. me in the pub with my mates

  3. me on a dental course

  4. my patient’s new lips

  5. my patient’s before and after full face

  6. my house at sunset

  7. me on a dental course

  8. a statue

  9. a quote

  10. a before and after extra-oral shot (anon)

  11. jewellery

  12. the front cover of an old magazine

  13. the view from our holiday hotel

  14. a smiling molar (!)

  15. me on a bridge in Dubai

  16. the dog asleep

  17. me in front of some graffiti

  18. the view from our holiday hotel

  19. my garden

  20. a dental course advert

  21. a dog

  22. the beach from our holiday

  23. me in the bubble bath

  24. a video showing a set of antlers boiling in a metal bucket

  25. me and my friend

  26. the bar in our holiday hotel

  27. a shopping mall

  28. at the end of our muddy run with medals

  29. me with my sisters

  30. my facial aesthetics price list

and the winner is?

(my votes are #24 – weird and I don’t think he was selling me anything and #28 – doing something useful)

However, not a single bit of decent human interest marketing amongst them.

No narrative, not enough tags, very few links to web sites in bios, no calls for action.

Instagram B2C hasn’t even got started yet – an opportunity for some?

p.s. I’m just as guilty for not using this properly yet.

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