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3 simple rules to create marketing that will engage your audience and lift your business

In order to create share-worthy marketing collateral for your business, follow these basic rules:

  1. Decide on your channels

  2. Facebook

  3. Instagram

  4. Linkedin

  5. a blog every day/week

  6. a newsletter every month

  7. online and offline journals

  8. professional and trade

  9. local community

  10. speaking events

  11. professional and trade

  12. local B2B and B2C

  13. Decide on your content

  14. 80% stories about the difference you have made to your clients/patients

  15. 15% stories about yourself and your team

  16. 5% education on your area of expertise

  17. create zippy titles and eye-catching photography

  18. Decide on your approach

  19. don’t write about what you know, write about what fascinates you

  20. don’t say something about something, say something about somebody

  21. ask yourself the same question every day before you create content:

what has happened to me, good or bad, personal or professional, that is of any use to pass on others as a metaphor?

Follow these basic rules and be persistent, relentless and unstoppable in your content creation.

About the next 48 hours

Today I will be an M.C. at Stars of Dentistry 2017 and I’m excited at the prospect of meeting over 500 attending and listening to some inspiring presentations.

Tomorrow I will be with an altogether different constellation of stars, attending the Bridge2Aid annual conference in Birmingham (where I have the privilege of joining an impressive speaker line-up).

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