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Your best year yet

I remember many years ago some wag (in that days when that word described a comic) suggesting that: “mortality rates have not improved – it’s still one death per person”.

Which makes the point that, even in a recession, funeral directors will still be busy.

I met an orthodontist from the West of Ireland yesterday who is having his best ever year – referrals from GDPs.

And yet the “vox pop” is that Ireland is on its arse and the economy dead.

No matter what’s going on “out there” the business that is well branded, focused and presented can still prosper.

Right products, right clients, right marketing, right time and place, right prices.

It really is just a question of getting organised.

Wouldn’t you like the next 12 months to be your “best ever year”?

Make it so.

Let me know if you need any help.

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