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The final countdown (and 8,784 reasons to be excited)

8,784 is the number of hours you will have in 2020.

How you use them will determine who you are and where you are a year from now.

The clock above is counting down to midnight on 31st December 2019.

Showing you how many hours you have left this year to DECIDE how to start the year.

Still time to register for our unique Get Your Year in Gear programme – commencing 1st January.

  1. 31 emails – one per day throughout January (but which you can work through at your own pace)

  2. a step by step guide to getting yourself ready for a successful year in business and in life

  3. Week 1 – vision and planning for 2020

  4. Week 2 – taking control of time

  5. Week 3 – understanding money and making it work for you

  6. Week 3 – building the team you need to have around you

  7. a weekly video tutorial from me

  8. numerous free downloads – PDFs and Excel templates – with “how to” instructions

  9. unlimited email access to me

  10. a free month’s membership of The Extreme Business Academy in February

A complete one-month personal MBA programme to make sure that you get the year off to a flying start.

Your investment?

One payment of £300 (or the equivalent in your own currency) that can change the way your year evolves.

Time is slipping away.

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