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You made it to the halfway point - now let's finish this

On 23rd March this year you became Mr. or Mrs. Fixit.

Everyone at work and at home looked at you and asked "what are we going to do?"

Over the 3 months of lockdown and the 6 months of return to work, the buck has continued to stop at your doorstep for:

  • Finance

  • Marketing

  • The Patient Journey

  • Operations & Compliance

  • Leadership

  • Clinical delivery & mentoring

  • Family

  • Friends, Neighbours and Colleagues

and last, but mostly least - yourself.

We are all getting a little blasé about terms like "unprecedented" and "new normal" - but the reality is that you were faced with a set of challenges not seen in our society since the 1940's.

You have made it thus far. Perhaps wounded and wiser but you made it.

Covid-19 isn't over, of course, but do you, like me, have a sense that we are finally past the halfway mark in this marathon?

Here's the challenge as we enter the second half:

  • There is still a long way to go;

  • It's going to hurt even more.

The physical challenge of these endless groundhog days will be replaced by a new challenge - your body shouting "stop" and your mind listing the reasons - but your spirit must prevail - you have to keep going now because the end is in sight.

If anybody - paradoxical Chimp, departing team member, Doubting Thomas or otherwise - has the audacity to suggest that you aren't good enough? Please quietly point out that, in 2020/21, you ran a business and life marathon and you finished as a winner.

A marathon is a race

  • without race

  • without colour

  • without religion

  • without sex

  • without prejudice

  • without nationality

  • without hate

A marathon is a race

  • where everyone starts as an equal

  • and everyone finishes as a winner.

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