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You can't circle one wagon

Last night I hosted our last Tuesday evening client webinar of 2022 - a chance to look back over the year (what did we learn?), to look in the mirror (where are we today?) and to look forward to 2023 (what next?).

I'm often asked how many clients I work with - is it 100?

The actual answer is ONE - and that's the one I'm with - but each of them is also part of a like-minded community of dental practice owners who want to know how best to navigate the challenges of the months and years ahead.

The Extreme Business 100 isn't about me - it's about the community who have entrusted me with their stewardship - a responsibility I take very seriously.

Last night we discussed the likely impact next year of:

  1. Marketing to recession-proof patient demographics:

  2. The importance of lifestyle and mental health messages in your OHE;

  3. How ESG and CSR will enhance your attraction as a business for patients and employees:

  4. The economic outlook for 2023;

  5. Likely advances in clinical technology and the digital patient pathway;

  6. The use of technology to communicate with patients;

  7. Leadership, Teamwork, Remuneration and the growing importance of Employee Benefits;

  8. How internal marketing and external advertising will change;

  9. The advanced financial modelling that will secure your profitability;

  10. How to protect your private practice membership from the restoration of NHS Dental Access.

I also confirmed our guest expert speakers at next year's client workshops and an update on our first Extreme Business Annual Conference in October 2023.

I've stopped thinking about what it must be like to be a member of our community - a year in and we know - confidence and strength in numbers.

I've started thinking about how tough it must be to keep on going it alone.

We still have memberships available for 2023 - why not give you and your team a last-minute Christmas and New Year gift - a commitment to join us in January - we would love to welcome you to our circle.

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