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Writing copy for products and services

Today has been another business development day and I have spent the last 7 hours mainly writing copy:

  1. This week’s ezine;

  2. The launch of a new mini-retreat to take place in November and

  3. Creation of a PowerPoint slide to explain our proposed 2007 corporate structure (for Team CB)

One or two adminstrative matters have cropped up along the way but my mind has been well focused since I began at 6.00am. It is always important, when writing sales copy, to keep the desired outcome of the delegates in mind, rather than another list of “how clever I am”- so I’ve been working hard to make our Autumn mini-retreats as attractive as possible. I’ll be launching them officially in next week’s ezine. The really bad news is that I’m off to the dentist shortly for some root canal treatment – always a seat-gripping experience. Then a long drive up to Bristol in advance of our Patient Journey workshops there tomorrow and Edinburgh on Thursday. I’ll be finishing the week in Doncaster on Friday with an afternoon presentation on team-building. In fact, I packed my bags this morning before spending 9 days travelling – no doubt by the end of that lot I’ll be doing my impression of Bill Murray in “Lost in Translation”.

Photo by Yoshio Sato – © 2003 Focus Features. All Rights Reserved.

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