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Writing as a catharsis (after a day of challenges)

Sometimes, writing things down is part of the catharsis of dealing with them.

I write a hand-written diary every morning, come rain or shine, whether I’m at work, at home or on holiday. That’s for my very own personal feelings and not intended for publication whilst I’m alive (and unlikely to make the best-seller list afterwards).

This blog (and, for that matter, any blog worth reading) is a means by which the author reflects upon their experiences from the past and present and their hopes for the future.

I’ve mentioned here before that my coaching clients are invited to write a weekly tracker of their progress and challenges:

These reports really help me reflect on positivity in my life & I find this very therapeutic as when I look at what I have achieved I feel proud of myself & my team! Catherine McCanny – St Michaels Orthodontics

Even a Facebook post can be part of the way in which we deal with stuff.

Yesterday was a case in point – a day in which either technology failed me or I failed with technology. For those of you who don’t follow my social media channels:

The best laid plans don’t always work out. This morning a webinar for an Australian audience and my internet crashes after 10 minutes. I manage to log back on and limit the damage. Worse to follow – this afternoon I record a superb 40-minute video interview with Ashley Latter and we discover that everything after the first 7 minutes has vanished. So you pick yourself up, dust yourself down and start all over again. Very embarrassing and Ash very magnanimous after a 36-mile round trip on his road bike to make the gig.

We did at least salvage an excellent podcast with Harry Singh. Feeling a little deflated by the day and already missing Anneliese Barrow but this evening’s company for supper will sort me out…

Which it did – and thank you to Marcus & Louise Spry who joined Rachel Barrow and I for an hilarious supper at Pizza Express on Great Portland Street.

Thank you also to Dhru Shah who sent me a lovely Whatsapp message overnight, sharing some of his own tech-disasters over the years and encouraging me to keep my chin up.

All very “first world problem” territory I admit, in a world of climate change, global starvation and nut-job political leaders but it is my little world and I’m very proud of it.

A night’s sleep later and here I am this morning – ready to walk out on stage in front of 60+ people for our third Extreme Business Workshop of the year in London – a full day on The Patient Experience and a full house.

I changed my mind on the subject matter of this morning’s post – so that I could completely clear the memory of yesterday’s challenges out of my system and begin again.



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